Friday, September 9, 2011

Grid Collapses and Parking Lots

This photo was taken yesterday by my good friend Eric during the power outage/blackout in San Diego. The first thing that imbued my twisted mind was Michael Douglas in a white shirt and tie wearing birth control glasses. The second thought that came to me was, "Is this a parking lot?"

Apparently people panicked when the electricity went out and so decided to flee their places of work. Since there was no air conditioning, the people revolted and hopped into their shiny autos - where there was air conditioning. Unfortunately, they couldn't go anywhere and were forced to spend their time confined inside the metal boxes of inefficiency, waiting for something to happen, or at least for a green light to guide them home - perhaps as close as three miles away. Oh wait, lights run on electricity. Shit.

Cynicism aside, the photo shows a dire need for change. What's frightening is that most of us put up with it and don't change anything or our habits. In order for us to change we may need more things like this to happen, regularly. Living in Seattle I often wonder what would happen when THE earthquake happens, which it inevitably will. I work on the waterfront, in a building built on soil that is like sand and right next to a major viaduct that serves as one of the main north/south arteries for the city. Also, Seattle is surrounded by water, which means bridges to get in out of the city are plenty. What happens when the bridges collapse or are blocked by autos packed full of hysterical people trying to escape?

For me, I believe scenarios like this provide one of the many reasons why legs are better than motors. They only require a little food, a bit of maintenance, and a few beers. But if the automobiles and semi-trucks can't get anywhere, how do we get the goods necessary to fuel the legs? This quandary is one we will have to face someday. I may be short on answers and solutions, but starting a conversation may get people thinking and coming up with ways to avoid some stark realities.

In the meantime, hit me up if you wish to discuss any of this. Or if you want to discuss how bad ass this video is by Portland's Red Fang.

"Time to kiss your ass goodbye."

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  1. That is an awesome video. Not quite as awesome as the Europe video though. How do you beat a keyboard(synthesizer) on a stick? You don't but we'll keep trying.