Friday, May 4, 2012

My Name is MCA

What a bummer. Cancer sucks beyond belief, especially when it takes someone out while they are still young and able to do good things. Adam Yauch made an enormous impact on those around him and many around the world. Not only a co-founder of what is perhaps one of the most talented and respected hip hop acts ever, he also championed many good causes and strived to make the world a better one in which to live. Of the three members of Beastie Boys, MCA was always the one who stood out for his positive message. He will be missed. Thank you Adam for your commitment to bettering this sometimes fucked up place, and for giving us a reason to laugh at ourselves. 

This Is A Type Of Kinda Like A Formal Dedication
                                       Giving Out A Shout For Much Inspiration
All I Ever Really Want To Do Is Get Nice
Get Loose And Goof My Little Slice Of Life
Sendin' Out Love To All Corners Of The Land
I Jump Up On The Stage And Take The Mic
In My Hand Not Playin' The Roll Just Being Who I Am
And If You Try To Dis Me I Couldn't Give A Damn
'Cause I'm Rockin'