Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nobody To Blame But Ourselves

As we contemplate and blame BP and our own government for the oil spill disaster in the Gulf, we should also be taking a hard look at ourselves. After all, we Americans consume, on average, around 21 million barrels of oil - every day. That's close to a quarter of the entire world's demand. We also own the most vehicles and drive the most miles, more than every other country on the planet, including China and India.

Feeling helpless during this situation is normal, as most of us can't take time off of work, or simply quit, to travel to the East Coast and try to save that endangered sea turtle or pelican, or the beaches and wetlands that are being destroyed as I write this mostly-egocentric blog.

But you know what? We can help. We can all start making decisions that have an impact our planet and every living being on it and in it. Think about it every time you go to the store or drive to work, take a vacation or even wipe your backside on the toilet. Every decision we make has an impact on the environment we all take for granted.

So the next time we bitch about BP and all the corrupt goings-on of our government, let's take a moment and think about how we are all responsible for this mess. We drive the demand for oil, we drive the demand for the trucks and ships that deliver our food to the store. We drive the demand for the latest iPhone (which saw record sales numbers for Apple in its first day of availability), the Prius, the Hummer, the latest episode of Lost...

Yeah, sure, screw BP and the heartless bastards who could care less about a small bird or a beach they never have to visit. But also, screw us, because we created this situation, and it's up to us to do something about it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Few Random Thoughts on Trying to Be Happy

The whole key is to not buy into the bullshit, live your own dreams, and do something that gives you satisfaction at the end of the day. And stay out of debt, because that's where they have you by the balls. Marry (or not) someone who understands those principles and who doesn't buy into the more, more, more mentality. What truly matters is family, friends and doing what makes you happy, thereby making others happy. Try to purchase things that are local, sustainable and think of where everything comes from, and what it took to get there. For me, the bicycle has changed my life (actually it's always been a part of my life from as far back as I can remember), but when I see these fools jockeying around and throwing fists of rage while they're behind the wheel, trying to get to work (and probably driving less of a distance than I ride) I cut over to the next street and laugh, because I have it all to myself...

That last sentence may sound selfish, but when you come across me and find a smile on my face, it will then hopefully create a smile on yours ... and if we're both happy, it's not so selfish anymore.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Driving and Hating

Full of singles that bring out the best Eminem, the album has offered some of the best [t]racks in years and it is a great way to pass time on the way to work in the car."

This was posted on's Seattle site on June 23. This simple statement says so much about our society and culture in America and beyond.

I'm not going to bash Eminem, on the contrary. I find much of his music entertaining and truthful, and often extremely funny. He offers a perspective on things we wouldn't normally think of, or talk about, without consequences or concern for the topics he chooses in his songs.

The problem for me, regarding the Examiner's post, is that not only are they promoting driving to work (and alone, because it's rather difficult to find another person willing to listen to Eminem with you at such an early hour), but driving to work angry. Aren't we already angry enough? Oil spills, global warming, wars, a shitty economy, unemployment, homelessness, etc.

I don't believe we need throngs of people listening to Eminem rapping about killing and maiming wrongdoers and bitchslappin' "homos and faggots" (which is an entirely different subject, as I feel Eminem does promote homophobia to his already impressionable teenage fan base - just read the comments section below any Youtube video and you're bound to see words such as "homo," "gay," "fag," and many others) while behind the steering wheel, already distracted by daily life. The last thing I want is someone even more pissed off at me because I am getting to where I am going more efficiently, probably faster, and definitely having more fun ... oh, and in the way, because "roads are made for cars."