Monday, April 23, 2012

The Van with the Plan

The recent purchase of a 1992 Toyota Previa has unlocked something I've been looking for for quite some time - the freedom to roam around the Northwest. After a horrific experience with a Volvo 240 wagon from the same year, I am so far content with the decision. Ample room for play toys like bikes, surfboards, camping equipment and musical instruments, it's a hauler of all things fun - and it forces me to get out of town on the weekends to explore and become more familiar with what this region offers. I have been to the coast twice already to surf and to Whidbey Island to camp with friends.

This past weekend I packed everything, at least what I thought was everything, and Erin and I drove to Hobucks near Neah Bay. After a full two hours of surfing and a few post-surf beers, I realized I forgot two of the most important things needed for camping - our sleeping bags. I packed the tent, pillows, the stove and most everything else, but no sleeping bags. Well, there were $110 cabins nearby, but that seemed pointless, as we were there to camp, not pay for overpriced shacks. We were left with one option - sleep in the board bags. These insulated protectors of all things foam were going to save us from a night of cold Northwest coastal temperatures. Erin slept in the 6'4" bag, with little room to move around in. She was not happy. I slept in the longboard bag - I offered it to her, I swear. 

We survived, albeit we awoke to being incredibly stiff. Her more than me, as she could barely roll over, therefore having to sleep on her back most of the evening. The sun was shining and hardly anyone else was around in what is normally a crowded campsite. I surfed for hours before we packed up and made the drive home. 

The plan and the van got us there, the board bags gave us shelter in a pinch, and we got sunburnt. I call that a successful mission. 

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