Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I possibly saw the most clueless cyclist ever this morning. She was riding down 15th Ave. of all places (a super busy arterial road in Seattle, which almost all cyclists know not to travel on, as there are mellow roads one block parallel to it), no helmet, giant headphones on and swerving back and forth to the music... I get to the red light at 65th (in the van, I drove part way), she blasts right through the red light in which lots of cars were going back and forth east and west, causing one car to slam on their brakes in the middle of the intersection, the bike rider swerves and rides into the left lane to avoid being hit by another car that was legally turning right onto 15th - that driver then blares his horn at her while passing her, to which she gives the "whoot whoot" symbol with her hands in the air. It was truly unbelievable. In all of my years riding, I think this girl's stupidity tops everything I've seen...

All I could think of was, "Wow, please, someone hit this person. It's the only way they will learn." I know, this is pretty harsh, but in reality, sometimes a parent needs to bust out the belt and give that kid a good old ass whoppin'. It worked for me.

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