Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sipping Jetstreams and Tearing Down Walls

Taylor Steele has been making great surf films for more than two decades. He gets better with each production, as he always captures not only the incredible surfing by some of the world's best, but gives viewers a look into the areas explored to find the waves on which they perform. It is in this way that, in my opinion, he is breaking down barriers between people around the world and silencing stereotypes that run rampant among Earth's dwellers. Take for example this clip from Sipping Jetstreams. In it you get a surreal glance of Morocco - not just the fabulous waves that line the coast of this special place, but of its people. They are just like you and I, living in order to live, breathing in order to breathe. There's a place we all need to go, this is one of them I need to go to.

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