Thursday, December 19, 2013

Things That Suck and Things That Don't

This pretty much says it all. I much prefer smaller non-sanctioned races to events that add on extra expenses so they can make it official and so I can then tally my points at the end of the season to calculate where I stand in the race for mediocrity. 

On another note, not much tickles my fancy more than "discovering" new music, especially when the music I discover has actually been around since about the time I was born. In this case it's the band Hawkwind. Their catalog is extensive but the early '70s saw them at their best. Lemmy was in the band for a few years before forming the now legendary Motorhead , named after a song from Hawkwind. Monster Magnet was heavily influenced by them too, and after listening to songs like the following, it's obvious where Dave Wyndorf found his passion for swirling effects and surreal imaging. My obsession with space continues.... 

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