Thursday, December 5, 2013


Daniel Wakefield Pasley is another unique character who has been in and out of my life for about the past decade. He is a sobering, witty and funny fellow who seems to have a camera attached to his face at all times. He doesn't miss much. 

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On my 40th birthday I hooked up with a bunch of my Durango friends and a few of my Portland buddies to tackle a little tour around Beef Basin and through parts of Canyonlands National Park on fat bikes. What transpired from the trip was DWP shooting thousands of photos and carrying about 900 pounds of film in the process - I know this because we all took a turn at pushing his bike at some point. 

Some of the photos and an editorial piece ended up in Wend Magazine (RIP). Though the story was embellished dramatically for entertainment's sake, it made for a good read about what could be, and Damon Riehl even made the cover, which in itself is a story. 

From that trip I gained much, and even a favorite shot of myself that DWP took:

Daniel also runs the website Manuel for Speed where he chronicles pro racers in a way that only he can. The results are fantastic; the details in all of the stories are not what readers might expect, but if you know DWP, you'd presume nothing less. 

So if you ever come across a big white stocky blonde Norwegian with blue eyes who boasts an interminable boyish demeanor and most likely has a Hasselblad in his hands, go say hello. 
You won't regret it. 

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