Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'll admit, reading comments online is generally futile and unfortunately it offers an extremely disappointing look at humanity and the lopsidedness of the "US vs THEM" mentality that runs rampant in our society. 

Take this comment by "Martel" for instance, as viewed on KOMO News regarding the mayoral race and the likelihood of Mayor McGinn remaining in office:

"Two progressive, anti-freedom libtards, Seattle is trying to kill itself. Watch as traffic continues to get worse. Seattle has the 4th worst traffic of any US urban center yet we are not even close to being the 4th largest. 

Watch Murray and McGoo continue their war on cars. Watch as more business close and leave the city as the regulations and rules continue to pile up. Seattle's rating as a good place to start a business hasn't risen in 20 years. As more businesses leave, city tax revenues will drop and as the city starves for operational budgets they will impose more taxes on the remaining citizens. Either one of these moonbats will continue to violate state law concerning firearms and the fact that cities cannot independently regulate them, wasting millions more of tax dollars in court. 

And we already have no extra money...

But hey, more bike lanes right!"

Hey Martel, you complain about traffic, which is due to people DRIVING, yet you bash on the mayor because he pushes alternative modes of transportation and he rides a bike, which LESSENS TRAFFIC. His or her argument makes no sense. Period. 

People are so blinded by their convictions they rarely look at the bigger picture or other points of view. In my opinion, one of the biggest problems we face as humans is fanaticism, on all fronts. They start wars, fist fights, groupthink, and create the greed that is responsible for most our woes. Most of all, it harms children who are born with an open mind. And so the cycle continues. 

Sometimes I really think we're screwed. 

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