Monday, June 3, 2013

Finn Utility’s Tool Roll Up

Former Portland, Ore., resident Ryan McDonald recently began designing products that are based on two of his longtime passions — riding bikes and fly fishing. He calls this latest endeavor Finn Utility. Based out of a woodsy location in Vermont, the company handcrafts high end, practical duffel bags and accessory holders. I have been using the Tool Roll Up the past couple of months. Here are my thoughts. 

Constructed from 10-ounce waxed cotton canvas, the Tool Roll Up has four front compartments of equal size as well as a full-length pocket behind them. The top half folds over these pockets and the whole piece rolls up and is secured by an adjustable leather strap and solid brass buckle. Easily attachable to a bike’s seat rails, it fits snug under the saddle. 

I usually keep an extra tube, multi-tool, tire levers, a small crescent wrench and a patch kit in it. While contents may not be as easy to access as with traditional seat bags, which have a rear zipper entry, it is still simple enough to get to for roadside repairs. I like the way it lays out flat and I can place smaller parts like washers and Allen bolts on it without fear of losing them on the ground while I am working on the bike — the orange fabric located on the inside contrasts nicely for this purpose. It can also be used for other applications such as carrying fishing gear or other small items that need to be organized for transport.

Overall, I am very impressed by this product and foresee it being on my bike for years to come. The leather strap and buckle seem to be durable enough to handle thousands of openings and closings as well. Aesthetically it stands out from the norm and I believe this will catch the eye of those looking for a seat bag to match their leather Brooks saddle and/or appreciate more natural looking gear. 

Dimensions are 13” wide x 9” high before folding. MSRP is $50. Made in the U.S.A. Visit for more information. 

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