Tuesday, October 23, 2012


On Monday morning I drove halfway to downtown and then hopped on the bike to continue to the office - I needed to pick my wife up from the train station in the afternoon. As I was driving to my usual spot I got behind a Scion xB (I had to research the interwebs to find the model) that looked similar to this one:

On the back window there were a myriad of stickers adhered to the glass surface to show everyone just how passionate its driver feels about things ... mainly his politics I am guessing, as there were American flags and whatnot placed somewhere in the collection of decaled ideas. What really stood out were the top left and top right decals. This one on the left side:

On the right there was a sticker which featured a photo of an unborn child with the words "It is a Life" on it. So, you're all about freedom, as long as it's yours, right? It's OK to kill someone who has wronged you or broken into your house, but a woman shouldn't have a right to do what she feels when it comes to her own body? Hmmmm, I was perplexed.

To top it off, he had his commuter bike mounted to the roof of the Scion. He was also wearing a "safety jacket" in bright yellow and had a pipe hanging out of his mouth.

Funny how many people, some being politicians, are pro life but they want to build our military and aren't worried about the effects of war - mostly, that people die. Save the kids to kill them later!

I get a kick out of ironic bumper stickers. "No War for Oil," for example, is a great one; the person driving down the road, burning oil and consuming gas that we fight and sometimes die for. But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it says so in the Constitution. Just don't go imposing it on me and my stockpile of guns, ammo, and cash...

Yes, sir, I will keep the change. Thank you.

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