Friday, October 12, 2012

Adventure Journal Press - Revisiting the Nowhere Tour

A coworker of mine sent me a link this morning about an interesting bike trip posted on Adventure Journal's website. Turns out, that adventure was one I had the privilege of being on. It was my 40th birthday and I was fortunate enough to share the day, and the following three, with some of my favorite friends. A full length article on the trip was printed in Wend magazine shortly after the trip, penned by photographer and writer, Daniel Wakefield Pasley. Glad to see this wonderful moment in time was captured on film and that it still continues to inspire people to get out there and do things out of the "normal."

Me and my championship belt present I received from my good buddy, Scott Harris. 

For the Adventure Journal feature, click here:

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  1. this trip looks like it was awesome! kudos to DWP for the photos, and to you for ringing in your 4-oh in style! xo