Thursday, September 24, 2009

SSWC '09

Holy shit. Pretty lame summary but it's pretty accurate for what went down in Durango, Colo., for the 2009 Single Speed World Championships. I got there a week early to visit with friends before the 1000+ people showed up for the "race." I got to ride at least once every day and sometimes went for round two, to soak it all in and ride the trails I am most fond of ... and, of course, to bond with the beautiful people whom are into the same cultural ideologies I so adore and adhere to. Hell, we are our own culture, as cliche as that may sound. It was perhaps, the best week I have had in a good decade, if not more. I will write more when I have the time but for now I just want to express my guttural feelings of love ... for cycling, for art, music, life, camaraderie, and unity. For it was a people, united in the same cause, the same goal, the same feeling that we crave in our mundane life of work, sleep and other things that get in the way of true passion and pleasure that made it so great. To see so many people make the event happen was nothing short of extraordinary. It gives me hope in humanity.

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