Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Vintage Pew Joe Post

Out of my annoyance with people trying to sell bikes for much more than they are worth, I created a Craigslist post to see what kind of replies I would receive. Though most people understood the post was completely cynical, a few believed I was actually serious. Here are some of the responses I got in my inbox...

First, the ones who got it:

"hahahah, i love it! seriously, fuck all these d-bags who try to sell overpriced pieces of junk and label them as vintage or original. keep fighting the good fight!"

"How are the tires?"

"REALLY? Call me about this bike!"

"Love it !! Is the bottom bracket french thread or english, you know those are impossible to replace once they go :)"

And those who didn't:

"Bro, I can score one like that for $300 just about anytime on CL."

"Hello, Do you have any more pictures of the rest of the bike?"

...And my favorite response from someone who clearly did not get it:

"Sir of Ms,

This bike is litteral garbage. If you think this bike would be a good fixer-upper someone would have to replace every last part of this bike before it worked. I thought maybe you weren't sure so id let you know. Good luck with the scuba diving."

Maybe he's right?

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