Thursday, October 24, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

While recently searching for something to add to date night for the wifey's birthday, I came across a show at Seattle's Paramount Theater. I know Erin's musical tastes pretty well and Empire of the Sun definitely have the dance beat formula she likes. At first glance I was thinking, "you've got to be joking, right?" They look like something from a B-rated Avatar on Broadway show. Lots of gold and other shiny bits, headdresses, makeup... Uber cheese sauce.

But then I gave them a listen. I couldn't help but like it. Part Prince, part MGMT, part Michael Jackson, and something I don't even know. So off we went last night to see them live.

I'll be damned, it was actually really good.

Live, they spare no expense in props and lighting and even have four dancers throughout the set who frequently change costumes.

I've been finding more information on Luke Steele and he was in a band called The Sleepy Jackson, which may be even better and definitely not so over-the-top. And I thought the only good music from Australia was AC/DC, INXS, and Midnight Oil...

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