Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Less Than a Month for All Out Mayhem

It's official. I finally have a plan for getting back to my lovely town of Durango for the 2009 Singlespeed World Championships. I am flying! The tickets I hounded down were actually pretty reasonable. There is a 5 1/2 hour layover in Denver along the way there so I get to have lunch with my family. Bonus! A little disappointed because I love the long drive but it will give me more time to hang out with the old crew and ride, baby, ride.

I have to box my 29er and send it there prior to the week I leave, the first time doing so. Hopefully UPS will be kind to me and not destroy my prized steed. Nor lose it in the process.

September in Durango is about as good as it gets too. The weather is usually perfect and the fall colors start to appear, making every pedal stroke that much more special. There is a new section of singletrack above town, on Raider Ridge, that's supposed to be really nice. I can't wait to sink my teeth, so to speak, into its ass. 

It's on! Look at Durango 'cause D is coming home!

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